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Train. Trace. Test.

Digital traceability for healthcare


The 3T journey

Providing an alternative to paper-based audit trail books, 3T is a fully featured, cloud-based compliance platform.
Combining an intuitive mobile app for use at the point of care, with an interactive web portal provides users with invaluable decontamination compliance tools.

3T guides users through all process steps, tracking decontamination events and making them available to view in real time across their organisation.

Aggregated data from all decontamination events are securely stored and can be found across interactive dashboards, allowing administrators to view and share customised reports.

How it works


made digital


3T snapshot


Quick Stats

View snapshots of key information related to the organisation and its overall use of 3T.

Usage Graphs

Observe trends related to medical devices, disinfection cycles and other data captured by 3T.

Detailed Data

When quick stats aren't detailed enough, administrators can move deeper into the data

Audit Log

Monitor the use of the platform via the audit log, where all 3T activity taking place is captured.


Managing team members and adding/onboarding new users is made simple and effective as administrators can action this themselves.


Add/edit and manage all medical devices used with 3T at the organisation. Scan QR device codes for 'quick start' processing

Clinical Settings

Monitor each clinical setting by configuring the organisation from a list of clinical departments, with medical devices being assigned to each.

Product Systems

Use standard Tristel product systems or create complete custom systems appropriate to your own medical device decontamination requirements.

Organisation Connect

When setting up a brand new mobile handset to use with 3T, simply scan the QR code provided in the 3T web portal to connect it to your organisation in seconds.

User Login

For ease of access, users can scan their staff QR/barcode in order to identify themselves to the mobile app. From here only a four digit PIN is required to complete login.

Device Selection

In fast paced clinical environments where multiples of the same medical device are available, adopt the 'scan first' approach using the devices barcode/QR code or simply search for the device

Product Data

Each scan of a 3T enabled Tristel product will log all data against the event - ensuring correct and in-date product(s) are being used with each medical device.


In order to make the platform as user friendly to everyone as possible, every area of the web portal and mobile app is translated at user level. This means that each user can set their preferred language in their profile, which is saved for all future use.


In order to offer the highest levels of service, 3T has numerous cloud server locations globally. This ensures that data is not only being stored in appropriately regulated regions, but that platform speeds are optimised and consistent.

Product Usage

To aid with compliant use of Tristel products (at organisational, country or regional level), specific and distinct elements such as contact time can be easily customised to ensure user journeys through the mobile app correspond to best practice/specific SOPs.

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